Stefanie Hammond
Head Sales and Marketing Nerd

Boot Camp:

The Guide to Building and Selling Security Programs

Format: 2.5 hour online session.

Cost: Free

Over the past 10 years, our market landscape has undergone some dramatic changes, which, in turn, have required MSPs to also evolve. They have gone from operating as break/fix service shops to selling monthly, recurring managed services contracts that promise uptime, reliability, and performance stability within their customers’ networks.

But now, MSPs need to evolve again, which means their programs, pricing structure, and sales messaging also need to shift. It is no longer about providing uptime and avoiding downtime—those benefits are a given. Instead, MSPs need to start addressing the real security threats and concerns plaguing organizations today, and focus on how to best protect and secure their customers’ networks.

Security is the top growth opportunity for MSPs today. So what are you doing to capture some of that market?

Please join Head Sales & Marketing Nerd, Stefanie Hammond, for an informative and educational session, where she will provide insights and guidance on how to build, price, and sell security programs you can begin offering to your customers.

In this 2.5-hour session, she will:

  • Review sample security programs being sold by our Best in Class MSPs today
  • Review pricing methodologies to illustrate how to price your new security programs to achieve the margins you want
  • Review sales strategies that you can use to help position and sell your new security programs, while demonstrating how to overcome the most common sales objections

So if you have yet to evolve your managed services practice to becoming more security-centric—and are looking for a place to start—then you won’t want to miss this fantastic session.

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