Boot Camp:

Building Services to a Cybersecurity Framework

MSPs want to provide their clients with the best security they can, and they try to deliver on that promise in multiple ways. From enabling MFA to monitoring for failed RDP connections, there are never- ending opportunities for improving the security of a client’s environment. With security currently at the forefront of people’s minds, the time is right to evolve your security into cybersecurity. Join Head Security Nerd Lewis Pope and Head Sales and Marketing Nerd Stefanie Hammond as they explore the exciting opportunities that await when you fortify your security offerings by building a cybersecurity framework

In this session, we will review:

  • Your clients’ risks are your opportunities: how an industry-recognized security framework can help you find, manage, and mitigate risk
  • What is layered security: how cybersecurity is a natural fit for MSPs—and why today’s hybrid environments blur the line between the two
  • Why gaining confidence in your understanding of cybersecurity is paramount to successfully selling risk management and mitigation
  • Why standardizing on a repeatable and scalable security baseline helps reduce your and your clients’ risk exposure from day one
  • The importance of making your security services unobtrusive versus invisible
  • The business dangers of being seen as just the computer people when clients hear about ransomware and other cyberthreats
  • Vulnerability remediation and mitigation sounds more impressive (and more expensive) than patch management, and you’re likely already doing it
  • Why business continuity should not be on the bottom of your to-do list
  • Enterprise security at home seems like an impossible feat, but how close can we get?


Luis Giraldo
Lewis Pope
Head Security Nerd
Zeus Kerravala
Stefanie Hammond
Head Sales and Marketing Nerd

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