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Stefanie Hammond
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Co-managed IT Services – Is This a Market Your MSP Should Pursue?

Format: 2-hour online session.

Cost: Free

Description: Managing the complexity of IT networks, system requirements, cybersecurity changes, compliance regulations, patch updates, software applications, SaaS computing, and hardware assets can be a lot for one tech to deal with on their own. Co-managed IT services is an IT management services model that provides businesses with a unique opportunity to collaborate with an experienced MSP to deliver additional technical assistance where needed, or to help to fill a knowledge gap where a specific skillset might be missing from their internal team. There are many benefits of moving upmarket and offering co-managed IT services, but is this new services model right for you and your MSP?

In this session, we will review:

  • How to leverage the benefits of moving upmarket to offer co-managed IT services
  • How to identify your ideal customer type for co-managed IT services
  • What to include in your co-managed IT services offering
  • How to market and sell your co-managed IT services offering

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