Boot Camp:

Mac Scripting N-central

Format: 2.5-hour online session.

Cost: Free

Description: The goal of automation is to make more efficient use of your time and enable you to focus on the tasks that require a personal touch. In the Mac Scripting for N-central Boot Camp, Head Mac Nerd, Charles Mangin, will show you how to leverage some of the Unix® underpinnings of macOS®—as well as its support—for multiple scripting languages.

In this session we will cover:

  • Built-in scripting environments (bash, AppleScript®)
  • Third-party scripting languages (PowerShell®, Python)
  • Deploying scripts via N-central
  • Using parameters and variables in scripts delivered by N-central
  • Writing and customizing your own scripts
  • App installation via script
  • Configuring OS and application features via script


Marc Andre Tanguay
Head Automation Nerd
Charles Mangin
Head Mac Nerd

* Drop down selection is in North American Eastern Time, but will convert to local time in your calendar automatically.

** Please note that a MacBook or Mac Device is required to be able to participate in the labs, otherwise, you’re welcome to watch the Boot Camp but won’t have the ability to take part in the labs.

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