Jason Murphy
N-central Automation Nerd

Boot Camp:

N-central Customer On-boarding

Format: 2-hour online session.

Cost: Free

Description: In this Boot Camp, Jason Murphy will walk you through the common aspects of onboarding your MSP customer into the N-central® platform. It will overview the steps our MSP partners need to ensure they have the full management of every customer environment. If the customer is not onboarded into N-central correctly, there may be gaps that can really cost you.

This session will cover:

  • Preparing your customer for managed services
  • Onboarding of network devices, such as firewalls and switches
  • SNMP discovery of UPS and other less common devices
  • Automated discoveries using the probe
  • Adding custom device classes—and mapping those to rules, service templates, and notifications
  • How to prepare for VMware hosts and vCenter
  • Hardware monitoring using an iDrac, iLo,
  • Scripted agent deployments for competitor RMMs, and pushing agents en masse using a GPO
  • Intune®, Home users, and other considerations

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