Jason Murphy
N-central Automation Nerd

Boot Camp:

N-central Optimization

Format: 2 day, 2-hour online sessions

Cost: Free

Sometimes being busy may lead to software neglect. It's easy to be so focused on immediate needs, that your instance of N-central may not be running as well as it once was. To learn how to optimize N-central to improve how you and your team use it and to pick up some great tips from other MSPs, join our Head N-central Nerd, Jason Murphy, for this boot camp where he will cover:

This session will cover:

  • Reducing the number of active issues
  • Identifying and fixing misconfigured, stale, or failed services
  • Streamlining your notification engine
  • Aligning your implementation strategy to your service offerings
  • Minimizing the need for remote control to maximize support efficiency

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