David Wilkeson
David Wilkeson
Owner, MSP Advisor

Boot Camp:

Operational Efficiency

Format: 3-hour online sessions.

Cost: Free

Description: Efficiency is one of the primary differences between average MSPs and best-in-class MSPs. This bootcamp will introduce you to the benefits of building efficiencies into your service delivery. Those efficiencies can translate into increased profit margins, improved capacity, and higher customer retention rates. Join David Wilkeson, owner of MSP Advisor, as he walks through both theory and hands-on labs that help you identify and engage efficiencies in your business.

Learn practical knowledge and how to:

  • Determine your current service delivery efficiency score
  • Learn the most common service delivery KPIs to measure and how to measure them
  • Compare yourself against your peers and the industry
  • Learn practical methods for improving your efficiencies

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