Marc-André Tanguay
Head Automation Nerd

Boot Camp:

RMM Customer On-boarding

Format: 2.5-hour online session.

Cost: Free

Description: In this Boot Camp, Marc-Andre will walk you through the common aspects of onboarding your MSP customer into the N-able RMM platform. It will overview the steps our MSP partners need to ensure they have the full management of every customer environment. If the customer is not onboarded into the RMM correctly, there can be gaps that can really cost you.

This session will cover:

  • Preparing your customer for managed services
  • Automated discoveries
  • Creating templates
  • Adding basic automation/automatic remediation
  • Using network filtering as a sales tool
  • Monitoring and managing non-windows devices (Linux®, network, esxi. etc.)
  • Scripted agent deployments for competitor RMMs and pushing agents en masse
  • Intune®, Home users, and other considerations

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