Boot Camp:

RMM Mac Management

Format: One-hour online session

Cost: Free

Mac computers and Apple devices are everywhere, but you may not support them because of toolset limitations, the challenges of selling extended services to customers, or simply being unfamiliar with troubleshooting and supporting them.

N-able™ RMM now provides the ability to monitor, manage, and protect Mac and Apple devices alongside Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Learn how to support and protect Mac and other Apple devices in RMM and discover the business opportunity this poses.

Join us July 28 for our latest boot camp as Apple expert Brian Best covers:

  • Gaining revenue opportunities by managing Mac and other Apple devices
  • Extending your service offerings to include support for Mac and Apple devices in RMM
  • Mitigating risk posed by unmanaged Mac and Apple devices (and more) on your network

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Ashley Bono
Ashley Bono
Senior Product Marketing Manager, N-able


Brian Best
Brian Best
Senior Product Manager, N-able

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