Learn to Leverage N-central’s Built-In Security Elements

Date: October 26, 2021
Time: 11am to 12pm EDT

The N-central® platform offers best-in-class unified monitoring, configurability, and visibility capabilities, all from a single dashboard. What’s often overlooked is the built-in security elements, like monitoring capabilities, patch management, and automation. Join our Head Automation Nerd, Marc-Andre Tanguay, and Head Security Nerd, Lewis Pope for this webinar on Cybersecurity Awareness Month. They will cover basic—and some not so basic—configurations and practices (including automation) you should implement across your customers’ environments to help ensure tight security and minimized attack surfaces. These include actions like turning on UAC, enforcing strong passwords, monitoring potentially problematic apps, events and IOCs, and mitigating recent CVEs.

N-central can be a critical part of your customers’ unified management and security hygiene. We’ll cover actions to take, how to launch features, and why these elements are important to healthy cybersecurity. We’ll also discuss 30 often overlooked security-related items that can be deployed today.


Marc-Andre Tanguay
Head Automation Nerd
Lewis Pope
Lewis Pope
Head Security Nerd

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