Protect Office 365 Exchange and OneDrive Data from
Data Loss

Back it up alongside servers, workstations, and critical documents in one dashboard

Even cloud providers can lose data. Businesses shouldn’t rely exclusively on Microsoft® Office 365® to protect against data loss; it helps to have additional insurance.

N-able Backup is designed to help businesses protect both Microsoft Office 365 Exchange and OneDrive® data from data loss. In fact, it can help:

  • Protect the full Exchange mailbox including email, calendars, and contacts—and store that data for up to seven years
  • Gain granular control by allowing you to choose which mailboxes to back up and which to exclude
  • Back up OneDrive data every six hours—and retain that data for up to six months

On top of that, you can conveniently back up Office 365 data alongside servers, workstations, and critical business documents from one dashboard.

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